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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gearing up for Holiday Bliss!

Ever notice how you are drawn back to a place time and again, just because it feels good to be there? Well, such is the feeling reached by the "blogger" who headed to Virden to check out the gifts, goodies, greenery, and good vibes at the Holiday Shoppe on Route 4, run by none other than (Little Drummer Boy, "Drum roll, please.") DESIGNER LANDSCAPES ! Arriving before most shoppers provided a perfect opportunity to do a photo essay. Naturally that leads to two things: posting the temptations for your viewing and leaving the camera case somewhere in the building. Don't worry, it doesn't show up in any of the photos so you aren't going to "find the camera case and win a yard makeover" - nope.

Just enjoy the pics then make your list and head on over to kick off the holidays!

Greeting you inside, the DLI Wooden Snowman!

Kettle Corn
Kettle corn for good boys and girls is available immediately. The elves have already reported that it is a great snack at breaktime if you're the working type.


Gifts for one and all

Tweet Retreats - for those who can't go south

Here you have it, a SMALL overview of what is available so you can do your shopping for oh-so-many people without going far, without fighting crowds, without worrying about returns. Where else would you start the giving season?
Stocking Stuffers
Once you've loaded up on items to excite all your friends and family members step outside to view all the decorative items from which to choose. As you select your wreath and tree think about how quickly a smile will show on each person's face as they approach and enter your home during this time of the year. Enhance that smile by greeting them personally and warmly, within your home's beautiful winter wonderland.
Pergola Display
Fresh Trees Await You!