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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goodbye July!

The routine of July gardening carries over to August. The good news is that the weeds should be less of a problem at this time. Maybe it's time to enjoy the garden a bit while also getting ready to take up the next set of chores. Head for the beach but remember to have someone check on your plants and yard.

What is August going to demand of you? Well, for starters it may be time to do some light pruning on the evergreen hedges if you have some. Nothing major after the first couple of days in August or you risk excessive young growth which won't last thru the winter. But a little shaping up is fine.

One of the most important routines now is to get out and deadhead the perennials and annuals. The plants really yearn to set seed before the end of the season and you can't let them do this if you want the garden to remain nice looking and to have a prolonged flowering season. As you enjoy strolling and admiring what you've accomplished tidy up!

You won't need to, and should not, fertilize as this "forcing" growth so late will be tough on plants later on in the year. Spend your time gurning over your compost piles, making sure they are watered in the hot dry weather to insure rapid decomposing.

If you're insisting on getting your hands in the dirt the end of August is a good time to move evergreens if you get a couple of days which are not too dry and hot. Irises, daylilies, and poppies are ready to be divided and transplanted now.

Of course, it's time to schedule your yard for fall treatment. Bet you know just the people to apply that for you.