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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If you already receive the Constant Contact (which is far from "constant" in our case) then you know we gave some tips on cutting back the ornamental grasses and on splitting daylilies. If you aren't getting the emails then sign up by contacting . We publish something every 4-5 weeks so it's not going to be an intrusion or fill your email box by any means!

We want to keep you focused on your yard so why not provide you with assigned duties? So we give you tips and suggestions and encouragement! After all, if you're investing time in your yard you will appreciate all its glory. Chances are there will be ideas growing as well as plants and trees and grass! That's what we like - you dreaming and figuring out what you want to do next. There's nothing like personalizing the look to match your home and your own style.

Well, we have a few more ideas about the grasses and the lilies and the blog is a great place for posting them.
1. Take a good look at the larger or older ornamental grasses you may have. If they look dead in the middle then it's time to dig them up. Split them and replant in areas where you've noticed there's a need for more "interest". It might be worth offering a portion to friends, neighbors, or family. Maybe one of them makes "to die for" pie and would show their appreciation. You never know.
2. Next, act quickly on the daylily splits. They are growing, well, like weeds. Yes, that fast. So you can tell how thick and clumpy they are going to be this year. Do not hesitate to take action and split them out. You easily will be able to return one part of the clump back in the original hole. Move the others to areas that can use some accent and color. Again, maybe you know people who will enjoy them as much as you do. And, these people may have you over for BBQ when they start up the grill. We're just sayin' - it happens! If you are the recipient of someone else's plant dividing exercise then do something nice for them.

On to even more chores, activities for you to tackle. If you intend to prevent or slow down the invasion of the japanese beetle this summer then now is the time to apply systemic soil drench. It's the only way to get a head start on them. By the way, you'll find we stock it here at the nursery. Talk to a friendly and helpful staffer.

Did we do your decorative concrete edging? We hope so! If you have any at all you should be putting a fresh coat of sealer on it and the best time to do that is when the weather is really great - not too cold, not too hot. Makes sense all the way around, mostly for you!

Oak trees need some attention this time of the year. They'll be leafing out soon and we suggest you prune now because they are still dormant. It won't be long though so grab the pruning shears. Stand back, get a good look at the tree, then tackle the job at hand.

Go out and look around. Enjoy the early and brave flowers that are already in bloom. Feel the joy and energy of a rested and renewed Earth.