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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dashing Thru the Snow

 Each person experiences the Christmas holiday season differently. Right now, in the middle of Illinois and elsewhere, it could be said we are all dashing thru the snow! It's cold and white. Small, young mittened hands clap together to stay warm as youngsters join in the excitement of coming to our store and tree corner to get the tree that will liven up anyone who dare humbug the spirit and meaning of this time of the year. In places all over our country older, unstable hands, rest in laps, perhaps prayerfully, perhaps lonely, perhaps with a warm cup and cooky. Memories are created and recalled across the generations.

For many, the focus is on what cannot be bought. Words spoken ring truer. Hugs last longer. Hands shaken or held are done so tightly. Even a chortle and a friendly slap-on-the-back greeting holds great affection. Faith arrives and settles in souls. Pockets are emptied; kettles and donation vests are filled for humans and critter friends alike. It's a time for going all out.

Do it. Go all out for all the right reasons. Create lasting memories. Certainly, indulge in material gifts when and if you are able. Be the invisible Santa for people or animals you'll never know. Share those opportunities as gifts to your family and friends. Do something to make the world a better place and a better cared for planet.

Yes, we encourage you to visit us at the store. We have lush greenery which will serve as dwelling and feeding locations for birds and small creatures long after being removed from your home. There are treats and homemade goodies ready for consumption and gifting. Packaging is not very fancy and it doesn't need to be, not really! You're likely to find a pleasing selection. But, even if you've finished shopping, stop in to say hello and help us spread Christmas cheer!

We remember why we are here on Earth. We understand the meaning of Christmas. We believe our country is blessed with good fortune, even in troubling times. We know each one of you is important and has a purpose. Spread your arms and welcome life and greet the new year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!