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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A touch more of the magenta, please

This is Ellen's version of The Thinker by Rodin. True, she's not seated pensively but the intensity is there. No doubt she is reviewing her notes from a recent client meeting. As she does she will reflect upon the design elements which best suit the home, yard, people, and lifestyle so when she shows the final drawing/plan the people can say it's exactly what they told her and more!  Ellen is the creative owner, according to Patty. She gets the highlighters and camera for Christmas and birthdays whereas Patty gets a new flatbed or shovel. You get the idea.

Working as our "foot in the door" person, Ellen's participation in your project doesn't finish when you sign your agreement for the work to be done. She's involved in plant selection, tweaking, creating challenges, and making dreams come true!

Ellen ponders.

Terry colors our world!

We keep meaning to put T's photo in the newsletter
or a Constant Contact message and then those
items get loaded up with other articles, none nearly so exciting as hearing about Terry's days in the office. She is our Girl Friday, aka Office Manager. But that hardly describes all that she does for DLI.

Terry's days include chief dog parent, and she's a cat person but beyond that she does all the phone calls in/out, handles the mail in/out, works to assure that the drawings Ellen produces are colored appropriately so no one is looking at a purple spruce when it should be a blue spruce. She directs people traffic, keeps order, and makes certain the day closes down when its time and the next day is planned.

Without her we wouldn't be at your place on time. We wouldn't laugh or enjoy our work nearly as much either. She brightens the place up. When you come by, bring some salt water taffy - you'll see!