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Sunday, March 10, 2013

What did we do? Get ready for a great year!

You may think we work, work, work. We have to admit it not only seems that way to us, quite often it is true. However, we do not want to mislead you! During the short, cold season, we take a bit of a breather. Naturally any place we go we are looking around at who is doing what in the way of landscapes but we would not have it any other way for we can be inspired, educated, enlightened, and thankful. Typically we come home re-assured we are on the right track with what we do.

Twenty-eight years of paying attention leads to changes, growth, improvements; all are shared and enjoyed with staff and clients. This busy season begins with renewed spirits as we walk out and explore what was delivered by our American and Canadian suppliers and as we meet inside to examine and stage the plans for projects we soon will begin. Let the excitement begin!

Out in our nursery and in our storage areas long-time staff members have kept up with maintenance and organization tasks. Maintenance is year-round as we prefer preventative maintenance over replacement! We admit to having an organized office but there are (rare) occasions when just the right tool takes some digging to find in the big buildings or the truck in which it was last transported to a job site. So the guys get everything back in place, cleaned up and ready to go.

Like you we enjoy discovering what new products are out on the market, ranging from new hybrids to heirloom plants and all the gadgets for making those and many other landscaping and gardening projects more efficient and even more snazzy. Perhaps we look at the catalog or web pictures a bit differently than you, maybe with a broader perspective, maybe wondering if something will “last” or is merely a trend. 

During the so-called off month or two we communicate with a lot of people, many friends and many suppliers. We do the calling; so do they. It’s the time of year we know we’ll find each other. We attend workshops. We shop. We work on our business plans. We go places. We read. We give thanks and give back.

Maybe you’re thinking is right. We do work, work, work. But when you love what you do as much as we do, it just never seems that way to us!

Here's where we hope to see you soon!